Monday, June 28, 2010

LOST prop: Plate from Juliet's kitchen

The second LOST prop I purchased is a plate from Juliet's kitchen in DHARMA-ville. It can be seen in the Season 3 premiere as Juliet and her book club buddies rush out to watch Oceanic 815 fall from the sky. It is shown mounted on a wall just a few feet away from the oven in which Juliet burns muffins in that same episode.

I like this prop for several reasons. First off, it is associated with Juliet, one of my favourite characters on the show. Second, it comes from The Island, whereas the first prop I purchased is from an off-island scene. Also, it is associated with the The Barracks, home to the DHARMA Initiative, a location which figures so prominently in Season 3 and Season 5. Finally, it is simply an attractive piece of plateware.

The certificate which came with the prop includes a still from the episode showing the location of the plate within Juliet's home.

I've spent a bit of time looking for coded messages and hidden meaning but so far all I can come up with is "pears, leaves, and berries". Perhaps an anagram? ;-)

I don't know if this was intentional, but "DHARMA yellow" (that mustard colour with which most houses in The Barracks are painted) appears on the plate, both in a circle around the outside of the fruits and embedded in the blue detailing at the outer edge of the plate.

More evidence of the prop department's efforts to keep track of continuity. On the back of the plate they've marked both "Juliets" [sic] and "Above kit. clo..." which I believe means "above kitchen closet", as there is a door (opening to a closet perchance) immediately below the plate.

In summary, a very handsome piece which conjures up wonderful memories of The Island, The Barracks, the DHARMA Initiative, and Juliet.

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