Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lost 2014 Tour: Liliha Bakery

The first stop on my solo walking tour of LOST locations was the Liliha Bakery on North Kuakini Street.

First stop!
There are really two distinct sections within the establishment -- on one side is a bakery where one can order various pastries (which looked fantastic, but I was so full from breakfast that I didn't buy anything) while on the other side is a small, narrow diner.  The latter stood in for the greasy spoon where Kate visited her mother, Diane, just after blowing up her house with Wayne inside.

Kate enters diner where her Mom Diane works.
Liliha Bakery, September 2014.
Both the bakery and the diner seemed very popular with the locals.

Diane serves Kate coffee.

The coffee is still brewing in 2014. (Photo: Chris)

I returned to the diner a few days later with two of my LOST buddies, and this time sat down for a hearty loco moco breakfast.

Kate feels like talking, not eating.
Where's the food?  We're famished!!!

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