Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lost 2014 Tour: Lindsey Littleton's Home

On our (MJ, Rambo, and myself) jaunt through Honolulu the first LOST filming location we visited was a private residence on Makini Street that played the part of Lindsey Littleton's home in Australia.  During Christian Shepard's drunken bender down under he had Ana Lucia drive him to the home, then demanded that Lindsey let him see his daughter.

Rather than procuring a right-side-driver car (as would be present in Australia), the production team simply flipped the film horizontally.

Film flipped to simulate Australia

To better compare with the real home, here is the same shot flipped again to properly represent what was in front of the camera when the scene was filmed.

Lindsey Littleton's home 
Home on Makini Street, 2014
Christian confronts Lindsey in doorway
In 2014 there is additional privacy for doorway confrontations.

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