Thursday, October 2, 2014

LOST: The Musical

When I first heard about a Kickstarter campaign to fund a LOST parody musical I chuckled at the possibilities and left it at that.  However, as the days progressed I arrived at the conclusion that it was something that I needed to be involved in.  When I noticed that one of the Kickstarter rewards  included an Associate Producer credit, my ego could not be denied.  Having my name "up in lights" on a LOST creative endeavour is a real thrill.

Tickets link from the LOST:The Musical website

Several supporting characters from the show were on hand for opening night -- Andrea Gabriel (Nadia), Sam Anderson (Bernard), Kimberley Joseph (Cindy) and M.C. Gainey (Mr. Friendly).  Jorge Garcia and Bex Mader (Charlotte) also attended later performances.

One-sheet for the show

I probably won't make it down the LA for the show, but I was able to pass on my free tickets to some of the LOSTie pals in the area.  They attended the October 11th show and by all accounts loved it.

Justin, Laura, and Pat enjoying their front row seats! (Photo: Alice)

Alice meets Walllllllllltttt! after the show. (Photo: Alice)

All of the Kickstart contributors have been added to a "candidate wall" at the theatre, and I was ecstatic to find out that I am candidate number 8!

Rob Perrin, candidate 8.  (Photo: Alice)

I've heard feedback from several other LOST fans (including Jo Garfein) and it is overwhelmingly positive.  I am happy (and relieved) that the show has been received in the spirit it was intended, and equally pleased to hear that as buzz builds the theatre is starting to sell out for the weekend shows.

"in associated with Rob Perrin..."  hee hee

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