Monday, October 20, 2014

Lost 2014 Tour: Mr. Cluck's

From Liliha Bakery I ventured down Dillingham Boulevard to find the Popeye's restaurant that stood in for Mr. Cluck's in several episodes of LOST including "Everybody Hates Hugo", "Tricia Tanaka is Dead", and "Everybody Loves Hugo".  When originally planning my route I had decided to skip Popeye's because it was a little too out-of-the-way, but as I was walking the streets of Honolulu, knowing I was only minutes away, I couldn't resist the temptation to track it down.  It was a long walk but I'm glad I went.

Although the exterior colour scheme is more or less the same, there have been some structural changes to the store made since it appeared on screen.

Mr. Clucks vs. The Meteor, from "Tricia Tanaka is Dead" 
Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen, September 2014

For the show the building was shot from one angle, probably because there is a fairly large parking lot on that side of the building from which the cameras could capture long shots.

Hurley after quitting his job, from "Everybody Hates Hugo"
Requisite selfie.

The other side of the building, which didn't appear on screen, has a drive-thru window and a median which would have partially blocked the cameras view.

The other side of "Mr. Cluck's"

Though the basic layout remains the same, the interior details of the restaurant have also changed with new lights, new chairs, and a central median.

Still-alive Tricia Tanaka, from "Tricia Tanaka is Dead"
Johnny taking orders, from "Everybody Hates Hugo"
Unidentified youth taking orders at Popeye's.
Hurley and Des, from "Everybody Loves Hugo"
Establishing shot from "Everybody Hates Hugo"
Popeye's, 2014.
I purchased a large drink and spent a few minutes sitting at one of the table sipping sprite and thinking about the episodes that had been filmed there.  I'm glad I decided to make the effort to visit; it certainly made my day cluckity-cluckier!

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