Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lost 2014 Tour: Thai alley

There is a two block radius on either side of Fort Street Mall between South Beretania Street and Merchant Street that is filled with LOST locations.  One of the least obvious of these is a short, narrow alleyway called Chaplain Lane.  The LOST crew did an incredible job turning this nondescript area into a bustling corner of Thailand in the season 3 classic "Strange in a Strange Land".  (a.k.a. "The Completely Superfluous Origin Story for Jack's Tattoos.")

Where Achara goes...
... Jack follows...
...and, eventually, I follow too!

Here's a shot from "Strange in a Strange Lane" taken from Fort Street Mall (telltale grey paving stones) looking toward Chaplain Lane.

Not far from here is the Black Cat Tattoo Parlour.  I was tempted to enter and check the back rooms to see if Achara might be around.

The same location was used briefly in the season 6 episode "Recon", when Sawyer chased down Kate.

Note the patterned gate, and large window to the right
Note "Mercury" on top grate, and pipe on right side.

The scene was shot in front of the Mercury Bar on Chaplain Lane.

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