Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lost 2014 Tour: Walkabout Office

It's a strange feeling standing on a street corner, gazing intently at the empty, papered-up building across the street, experiencing a powerful wave of emotion well up inside of you.  Such was the case as I stood at the intersection of Nuuanu and North King Street, eyes cast at the ground floor office across the way.  As amazing as the LOST pilot is, and as good a its first two episodes are, many fans have said that it was the third instalment, "Walkabout", that convinced them beyond all doubt that LOST would be something more than a good television program -- it would be a jewel, an obsession, a life-changer.  The flashback scene of Locke arguing his case to his walkabout guide, the reveal of Locke's condition, and the subsequent scene him waking on The Island to find his paralysis miraculously cured is a highlight of season 1 and an incredible confluence of storytelling, acting, and score.

Locke pleads his case. ("Walkabout")
1 North King Street, September 2014

The shot above was taken from the corner diagonally opposite; the building I stood in front of can be seen through the window just above Locke's shoulder.

The shot below was taken straight across North King Street.  (In fact, I was standing right in front of "Kate's bank", which tells you how close some of the filming locations are!) Locke would have been sitting directly behind left-side window.  The waiting bus would have been parked on Nuuanu Street, facing the beach which is only a couple of blocks away.

Don't tell me what I can't do!
Locke's window.
Dejected Locke.

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