Monday, July 12, 2010

" is the first time I've ever come back" by Daniel Danger

As much as I love so many of the DCAAPB prints, there is only one which I would classify as transcendent -- "And that's why my hand was shaking..." by Daniel Danger. Hence I was very pleased to see that a new Danger print was part of the second DCAAPB series. Although it doesn't quite transcend, it is another marvelous amalgam of beauty and technique from the hand of a master.

As the carcass of the Black Rock smolders in the hot sun, Richard approaches for the first time since his arrival well over a hundred years before.

I'm especially fond of the top half of this print, with the blazing sun, humid sky, and elegant masts of the Black Rock slowly but inexorably falling toward the jungle floor.

Detail of the ship's stern partially obscured by a century-plus worth of vegetation.

I wasn't particularly impressed with Richard's character (or Nestor's acting) through the first few episodes of season 6, but both were redeemed big-time by Ab Aeterno, and the character was much better served through the back end of the season.

Methinks the numbering on my print was a bit of wishful thinking on Danger's part -- he probably couldn't cope with the thought of forming over five hundred signatures! Either that or exhaustion, I suspect. I wonder if he labelled the first hundred and fifty prints like this then only realized his error as he penciled in 151/150?

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