Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LOST prop: Sun's makeup tray

My third LOST prop purchase is this lovely makeup tray that can be seen in Sun's Korean apartment in the fourth season episode Ji Yeon.

Sun uses the tray seconds before she begins to experience the contractions that signal the imminent arrival of her baby girl.

I remember watching Ji Yeon and marvelling at the astonishing reveal at the end of the show -- the revelation that we had not been watching a post-Island flash forward involving both Jin and Sun, but instead were watching a FF of Ji Yeon's birth intercut with a flashback of Jin, in the employ of Mr. Paik, delivering a gift to a different new mother's hospital room. I also remember the shock of seeing Jin's grave and the implications thereof.

Seller Tina Lau has again provided a certificate identifying the episode in which the prop is seen along with a screenshot.

I hesitated for a few weeks before purchasing this prop. I'm glad I finally did -- it is a lovely piece on its own, made even more special by its association with the birth of Ji Yeon, and made even more emotional by the fate of her Mother and of the Father that she would never meet.

The prop department's blue tape is in full evidence on the bottom of the tray.

The setting sun (no pun intended) elicits a lovely golden glow across the top left corner of the tray.

Here are some screencaps from the scene in which the tray can be briefly seen:

Sun reaches for and takes her lipstick from the tray.

Sun begins to apply the lipstick then feels a sharp pain.

Sun drops her lipstick onto the tray.

Sun grabs for the fallen lipstick and steadies herself.

Cut to the reveal: Sun is in Korea and very pregnant!

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