Saturday, July 24, 2010

Todd Slater's 'Ben Linus'

Todd Slater's portrait of Ben Linus was one of the prints I tried for but failed to buy due to a lightning fast sellout. In July of 2010 I won it in an eBay auction and feel quite fortunate to have finally obtained it for a very reasonable price.

This is a print which I liked initially and which I have grown to like even more over time.

Slater expertly captures the many facets of Ben: his creepiness, his arrested development, his sadness, his search for direction, his struggle between decency and evil.

The way in which Ben holds Bunny #8 demonstrates his emotional detachment. To him it is simply a means to an end.

This man had a quite a journey from Season 2 to Season 6. I'm glad to hear that we'll see a little bit more of Ben Linus in his role and vice-protector of The Island on the Season 6 DVD.

I'm not a huge fan of rabbits, but have to admit that this one looks pretty cute.

The print also features a barely-visible set of DHARMA station logos.

I have print #206 of 300. I believe the scribble on Ben's arm is the artist's signature.

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