Tuesday, July 13, 2010

'Jacob and the Man in Black' by Jeff Soto

Jeff Soto enters the DCAAPB scene with a very striking print entitled Jacob and the Man in Black.

I loved this print the instant I saw it, and quickly raced through the purchase screens with the expectation that thousands of others were equally enamored. I was quite surprised when much of the fan reaction turned out to be somewhat negative.

I'm no skull expert, but this one looks pretty awesome to me! The red glow of unknown origin really adds some menace and mystery.

Two sides -- one dark, one light.

The symbolism of the struggle between Jacob and MIB, between good and evil, is nicely illustrated with the intertwined vines. Which flower will bloom, and which will die?

I like the fact that The Island's origin remains a mystery.

More Easter Eggs -- each of The Numbers make an appearance on the skull.

I'm print #102 of 500.

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