Wednesday, July 14, 2010

'Kate and Claire' by Ken Taylor

Ken Taylor's The Smoke Monster is one of my favourite prints from DCAAPB's first round, thus I was very happy to see that he created a second poster for DCAAPB-2. Kate and Claire depicts the tense scene from the episode Sundown when Smokey lays waste to The Temple while Kate and Claire look on from the (relative) safety of Claire's cell.

In all honesty I was just a teeny bit disappointed when I first saw this print in person. The colours are not as vibrant as those in The Smoke Monster (though to be fair, it is meant to take place within the shadowy confines of The Temple), and Smokey itself seems a little less cool in this print than in the first. Still, I really like the comic-book style composition here and I like the character portraits.

This depiction of scary-Claire is just that -- scary! In fact, I'm getting a little queasy looking at her right now. Although I wouldn't call this a dead ringer for the character, there is a quality to it which to me fully captures her Season 6 essence.

Kate is nicely drawn as well, a very realistic depiction but also one that raises the tension through good use of light and shadow.

Finally we have Smokey itself along with an unnamed Temple redshirt who faces its wrath. I like this depiction of the Smokester, it's just that it suffers in comparison to its counterpart in Taylor's earlier work.

In the top right corner of the print is a DHARMA symbol, I believe it represents The Temple. Although it ended up being relatively inconsequential to the overall arc of Season 6, I enjoyed the time spent at The Temple and I'm glad that one of the DCAAPB-2 prints immortalizes it.

I have print #469 of 500.

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