Wednesday, July 14, 2010

LOST fan pin

I was very saddened to learn in early June that Jorge & Bethany's dog Nunu was killed just as they were leaving Hawaii to return to the mainland. Nunu appeared in a Season 6 episode of LOST but had enamored herself to me (and others, I'm sure) with her guest spots on Jorge's blog Dispatches from the Island as well as Jorge & Bethany's Geronimo Jacksbeard podcast.

Ryan Ozawa, a LOST fan and resident of Hawaii, tweeted a link to which donations could be made to the Hawaiin Humane Society in Nunu's memory. I happily made a small donation.

Soon after Jo Garfein of fame offered a LOST fan pin to those who made a donation. Little did I know that when Jo said "fan pin", she really meant "fan pin"!

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