Tuesday, July 13, 2010

'Not Penny's Boat' by Little Friends of Printmaking

One of the more intriguing of the second DCAAPB series prints is Not Penny's Boat by Little Friends of Printmaking.

For me this print wasn't love at first site, but the interesting colours, the playfully hidden easter eggs and the significance of the scene it portrays soon won me over.

To me the depiction of Charlie is a weak point. I can like stylized characters, but this style doesn't do much for me. I also don't quite understand the choice of cartoon-style (three fingers & a thumb) hands, but I'll roll with it.

The floating, ghost-like Desmond is somewhat more successful, and the various patterns and shapes along his body add visual interest.

Although it is flirting with overexposure, this image remains in my mind a symbol of all that is best about the series.

One of the print's many fish. I haven't yet found a DHARMA symbol imprinted on one of these guys, but I'll keep looking!

Probably no encoded messages in these bubbles either but hey, bubbles are fun (oh wait, maybe there are 108 of them, let me count...) but who

There are several "hidden" images scattered throughout the print, some easier to pick out than others. Here we have a ship, to me it looks more like the freighter although perhaps it is a sub?

Next we have the Swan Station key that Desmond used to engage the fail safe, along with a keyhole that could serve as either that at the Swan or that of the car which Charlie launched into the water.

Elsewhere we have a small heart, which probably represents Desmond's love for Penny and/or Charlie's love for Claire.

The final easter egg is a little harder to find -- a faint image of the Swan Station's computer. These were the images I could find but there may be others I missed.

I'm nearly dead center of the print run this time around -- #249 of 500.

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