Monday, November 17, 2014

Lost 2014 Tour: Drive-by sights

In addition to making five stops on our Sunday tour we also enjoyed a fleeting glimpse of several LOST locations as we drove by in the bus.

For example, leaving the crash beach we drove alongside Dillingham Airfield which was used to film the scene where Yemi is shot while attempting to leave Nigeria on the beechcraft.  (Those crazy kids Paul, Alice, and Terri went skydiving here as well.)

Dillingham Airfield
Dotted along the North Shore are antenna towers much like the one featured in the season 3 finale where, with much drama, Jack finally makes contact with the offshore freighter.

The source of Rousseau's transmission. ("Through the Looking Glass")

Radio tower along the North Shore of Oahu.
 We also caught sight of a very familiar blue van as we made our way across the North Shore.

Hurley and Walt out for a ride?
We passed by the Waialua Service station, which I also saw back in 2011.  It appeared in the season two episode "The Long Con".

And finally, on the way back home, we crossed paths with the Aloha Stadium, which I've covered in a 2011 blog entry.

Aloha Stadium

And with that our full day tour of The Island came to and end.

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