Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lost 2014 Tour: Revisiting the Byodo-In Temple

The second stop on our half-day LOST tour was the Byodo-In Temple, a reduced-scale replica of the Byodo-In temple in Uji, Japan.  I stopped here with my LOST compatriots in 2011, but missed a couple of key areas on the temple grounds which I (after being alerted by our tour guide Tom) caught up with this time.  I'll cover those in separate posts; for now, here are a few more shots of the beautiful main building located within Oahu's Valley of the Temples Memorial Park.

The beautiful Byodo-In Temple, front view.
The beautiful Byodo-In Temple, side/back view.
Oppose side/back view.
Koi enjoying the water surrounding the temple.

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