Saturday, November 1, 2014

Lost 2014 Tour: Rainbow Drive-In

The final LOST location that MJ, Rambo and I visited was the Rainbow Drive-In.  It made a brief appearance in the season 5 opener, "Because You Left".  It seems that the Rainbow was Hurley's first choice for satiating his munchies after being liberated by Sayid from the Santa Rosa mental institution.

Rainbow Drive-In by day.
A few days later a group of us stopped by the Rainbow in the evening.  The scene from "Because You Left" was shot at night, so the second trip gave us a much better look at what appeared on screen.

California's Rainbow Drive-In at night.  (from "Because You Left")
Honolulu's Rainbow Drive-In at night
MJ noted that the place had been expanded and cleaned-up since the last time she was there.  Compare the yellow concrete barrier on the right side of the LOST screenshot with the open, covered area in my photo.  The roof of the expansion is covered in photovoltaic cells.  Apparently there were government incentives for using solar power, so over the last few years they have become a more common sight on the island.

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