Monday, November 24, 2014

Lost 2014 Tour: Shirtless Sawyer's Bamboo Mast

The second location near Byodo-In Temple that I was completely oblivious to in 2011 is a small bamboo grove at which Sawyer fashioned a mast for the raft in the season one finale, "Exodus".  In addition to the most excellent sight of shirtless, sweaty Sawyer, we are also treated to an unexpected emotional scene between Jack and James, as Sawyer recounts the night he spoke with Jack's Dad at a bar in Sydney.

Sawyer's mast.  (from "Exodus")
Bamboo grove near Byodo-In Temple.
Jack hands Sawyer a gun.  (from "Exodus")
Bamboo grove near Byodo-In Temple
Shirt-off Sawyer gives us a peek at this humanity. (from "Exodus")
Shirt-on me tries to find a screen match.
Bamboo grove, 2014.

For some of the outdoor locations it can be difficult to know exactly where the camera was shooting, particularly in shots with vegetation that may have changed in appearance over the intervening years.  But as far as I can tell, the last 2 photos above showcase the bamboo plant that Sawyer stood in front of in "Exodus".  (I'll assume that the graffiti etched into the bamboo strands started after the filming occurred, or was obscured in some way.)

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