Friday, November 7, 2014

Lost 2014 Tour: Return to Dharmaville

Our first stop on the full-day LOST tour was Camp Erdman on the North Shore.  I made no less than seven posts on my 2011 visit to Camp Erdman, and it was certainly a highlight of that visit.  Returning with a larger tour group in 2014 had a few benefits.  First off, I was able to get photos taken in front of the Barracks with a larger group of my LOST pals.  Second, various people in our group caught me wandering around the camp in their shots.  Lastly, I was able to be a part of a Dharma purge photo!

Back in Dharmaville!  (Photo: Amy)
Hello old friends.  (Photo: Ian)
LOSTie dream team.  (Photo: Ian)
The Dharma purge of 2014.  (Photo: Ian)
A different angle on the purge.  (Photo: Amy)
Pretty New Otherton.
More purge victims.
Dappled Dharmaville.
Still purging after all these years...  (Photo: Amy)

Across the highway from Dharmaville proper is a cluster of other buildings including one that was filmed multiple times for LOST.   I documented the exterior and interior of that building in previous posts.  This time around I picked up a few angles that I neglected back in 2011.

Camp Erdman assembly hall.
Ocean-facing side of the building.
This served as the entrance to the Dhrama infirmary in season 5.
Inside the assembly hall.
Dharma fireplace.
Dharma doors.
Behind the Dharma doors.

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