Monday, August 15, 2011

Building 23

On our post-Comic-Con tour of Walt Disney Studios in Burbank we were literally surrounded by awesome at every turn; yet, one sight and one sight alone sits at the the apex of Mount Awesome -- Building 23. Yes, friends, that Building 23. The edifice which served as the production office for LOST's six seasons. Home to the source of LOST creativity -- the writers room. (I feel like going off on a rant about punctuation at this point but don't want to interrupt the flow.) (Yet I do feel obliged at this juncture to point out this interesting article about a poster featuring many of the Barracks clan which hung inside Building 23 during Season 6.) Yin to Hawaii's yang. Jin to Oahu's Sun. Abbott to ... well, you get the idea. It's a big deal to hardcore LOST fans.
Below photo courtesy @Lottery_Ticket

After standing in slack-jawed silence for several minutes we slowly regained our senses and pulled out our cameras. The most profound of these shots features our entire group reflected in the glass facade of Building 23. Obviously there is a parallel with the theme of characters looking into mirrors in the Season 6 flash-sideways. (Though we were not deceased at the time these pictures were taken. That I'm aware of.) Deeper is the realization that this television program transcended simple entertainment and impacted our lives in meaningful and long-lasting ways. The simple fact that we are standing together side-by-side in these photos is testament to that fact. Without LOST, we would never have found each other.
Below photo courtesy @Lottery_Ticket
Below photo courtesy @BonnieJGreen
I admire LOST for many things -- the actors, the crisp direction, Giacchino's music, the lush "look" of Hawaii, all scenes featuring Elizabeth Mitchell -- but above all else it is the writing that elevates the show. Whether it be the creative narrative devices, the epic mythology or the finely honed characters, LOST did it as well as or better than any other television program, at least any that I've seen. From the ether it sprang to life on whiteboards and laptops in Building 23.

The brave among us ventured forth into its inner sanctum. Four entered but only one returned, thankfully with photographs. OK, I made that last part up. Except for the photos, see:
Below photo courtesy @Lottery_Ticket

To pay our respect to the structure and those who labored within, two of our number performed the ritual known as "planking" at its base.
Below photo courtesy @LOST_4815162342

Truly it was a special experience to see Building 23, knowing its place in LOST history and knowing the caliber of talent that had worked within its doors. If there is a flash-sideways in store for us, I hope our gathering place is Building 23.
Below photo courtesy @zort70

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