Friday, August 19, 2011

Aloha Oahu!

Four residents of The Barracks, myself included, prolonged their geektastic Comic-Con high with a trip to Oahu, one of the Hawaiian islands. Aside from being a gorgeous getaway destination, Oahu was home to the outdoor filming locations and soundstages where nearly every frame of LOST was filmed, from the pilot through The End.

Clearly we had to make a grand entrance so we pulled up to our hotel in a huge stretch limo. Naturally it featured a white exterior with black leather seats within. (I forgot to check the license plate but no doubt it included some of The Numbers as well.) @Lottery_Ticket took advantage of the situation to verify with the hotel that her personal masseuse was ready and waiting for her arrival.
Below photo courtesy @Scoutpost

@Scoutpost was quick to let the Twitterverse know that the Oahu 4 were on The Island.

We stayed at the Park Shore Hotel in Honolulu, on the eastern edge of Waikiki. (On the 8th floor, of course.) The hotel is directly behind the stretch of sand that hosts Honolulu's Sunset on the Beach, periodic showing of movies and television series sponsored by the city of Honolulu. Premieres of the first three and the final season of LOST were screened here.

In addition to the spectacular views and great location I was quite happy with the hotel -- the room though pretty "standard" was clean, had a balcony facing the ocean, good water pressure, plenty of hot water and housed a wonderful bar, Lulu's, which we frequented often.

The previous shots were taken from the balcony. Entry to the room was from an outdoor hallway facing the opposite way, towards the interior of Oahu. There was plenty to see from that side as well including Diamond Head (a volcanic crater), a tree-lined park beside the Honolulu Zoo, and the Waikiki cityscape.

Of course the main focus of our visit was LOST, so we looked forward in great anticipation to our Hummer ride through the Kualoa Ranch with KOS Tours, and a full-day adventure throughout Oahu with Hawaiian Escapades.

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