Wednesday, August 24, 2011

LOST Tour: Along the Makapu'u Trail

A little further up the coast from Lana'i Lookout is the Makapu'u Point, reachable by trail. The trail is paved and not too steep, but the warm temperature and humid air (at least on the leeward side) made the hike a little harder than it seems.

The views along this trail are stunning. The cliff scenes from Season 2's Dave were shot in and around this area.

Our LOST location researcher (*cough* me) wasn't on the ball so when we were on our self-tour Wednesday morning we knew that the lighthouse was built somewhere in this area but didn't know exactly where. I'm still not precisely sure, but as Ryan Ozawa's set photos show, it wasn't far off the paved trail.
Below photo courtesy @kiwilostie
Below 2 photos courtesy Ryan Ozawa /

There are many vertiginous views along the trail; this one is probably near the location of the lighthouse set.
Below photo courtesy Ryan Ozawa /

The Dave shoot must not have been far away. Amazing that Hurley didn't see the lighthouse, but I guess he was under a lot of stress at the time!

One of the really cool things about Oahu is the great variety of landscape. The short yellow grass and rock-strewn soil gives the Makapu'u area away.
Below photo courtesy Ryan Ozawa /
Our Hawaiian Escapades tour returned to Makapu'u Trail on Thursday morning. We didn't want to retread the same ground, so instead we split from the rest of our tour group to search for The Others camp along the coast. Two of the folks on our tour who did make the hike Thursday morning got this great shot of the spot where Ben and Sawyer gazed upon The (CGI) Island in Every Man for Himself.
Below photo courtesy Matt Van Dzura

The same couple took some pics near the cliff where Jack ponders his lot in life in Lighthouse. Fortuitously, one of the zillions of photos I had taken on our Wednesday self-tour also include that location.
Below photo courtesy Matt Van Dzura
Pretty much every direction holds spectacular beauty and grandeur. The shot below has nothing to do with LOST, but ... WOW.

Makapu'u also features a lighthouse which is apparently automated and still in use by the U.S. Coast Guard.

The 3 amigos -- @kiwilostie, myself, and @Scoutpost. I guess this fenced area is the "official" lookout at Makapu'u.
Below photo courtesy @kiwilostie

The view downward and a view of the lighthouse from the Makapu'u lookout.

Here I am taking a few pics with my iPad. I seem to have the inability to travel light -- I carried 3 cameras and a backpack with me most of the trip. The copious sweat on my shirt (a tribute to LOST?) attests to this.
Below photo courtesy @Lottery_Ticket

A view of the cliffs looking north. The cliff featured in Dave was somewhere around here, though I believe there was some CGI work to make it look steeper than it actually is.

Islands just off the Makapu'u coastline.

The first pic below is mine, the second is a screenshot from Dave. I don't think this is exactly the same spot, but it is nearby.

Another shot of the cliff trail. A group of students were there that day.

My main man @kiwilostie stands tall on the cliffs of Makapu'u.

Beautiful, rugged, and rocky. No, I'm not still talking about @kiwilostie, but instead of the Makapu'u landscape.

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