Friday, August 5, 2011

MegoScott's Swan Station Playset

Another special guest of The Barracks was @MegoScott. Scott is a talented artist and is a renowned Mego enthusiast; in fact Scott founded the online Mego Museum, the go-to guide for all things Mego. My association with Mego goes back to the late 1970s when my Mom bought me many of the Star Trek Mego figures, both the 8" TOS/TAS line and the 3 3/4" ST:TMP line. I first connected with Scott when I came across his Island of LOST Megos site, a place to celebrate the Mego-style LOST figures recently produced by Bif Bang Pow! Not only does Scott collect LOST Megos but he also customizes the figures and creates custom accessories. Check out his site and be prepared to be amazed. He also spearheaded a movement to encourage release of wave 2 of the LOST Megos, a campaign which happily succeeded.

As incredible as many of Scott's customs have been, there is little doubt that his greatest achievement is his recently-completed custom Swan Station playset which he proudly displayed at The Barracks. I just noticed the the Smoke Monster seems to have done a number on Kate; or perhaps it was @jopinionated! :-)

Check out the detail below, from the eerily life-like window shade, to the miniature water bottles, to the tiny DHARMA foodstuffs, to a copy of Hurley's comic book, the LOST bookshelf, the albums... Wow!

Below 2 photos courtesy PaulH

The set also features many examples of Scott's artistry including recreations of the Jack Bender hatch painting, the DHARMA station map, and beautiful original artwork all along the exterior.

Below 2 photos courtesy PaulH
In addition to the Swan, Scott also brought several of his customized Mego figures. Check out the awesome knife case and wheelchair for Locke, and the much-improved clothing on Hurley and Ben. He also super-sexified the Kate figure.

Below photo courtesy @MegoScott

I can't even imagine the amount of time Scott must have invested in the design and creation of the Swan Station playset. But I do know one thing -- it was worth it! Scott, compliments on your creation and thank you for sharing it with us.

Below photo courtesy @BonnieJGreen


  1. That's INCREDIBLE detail! Individual books and records?!!

    How soon for 'mass production'? :)