Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Venice Beach

It is hard not to look back on our short time in Venice Beach with a certain amount of sadness, for it was a time not only of celebration but of separation as well.

We arrived on Monday July 25th in the late afternoon, still buzzing from our tour of Walt Disney Studios and Building 23. We were spread across a few different hotels; I was among the group that stayed at a converted historic home a few steps from the beach. The hotel itself was fine but we were disappointed by their broken wi-fi network that remained down throughout our stay.

I didn't have time for more than a quick walk along Venice Beach that afternoon.

That evening we gathered together with a few other LOSTies and Barracks spouses for a final meal in the sunny state of California.

Below photo courtesy @BonnieJGreen
The mood was sombre and relaxed as good friends said their good-byes that evening. This may just be my favourite picture from the trip.

Tuesday morning saw a parting of the ways. Several set off to the airport for the long journey home. Others stayed in the LA area to enjoy a few more days of vacation. Another four, including myself, embarked on yet another round of adventure. By noon that day I was sitting comfortably in seat 23 of a Hawaiian Airlines flight to Oahu!

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