Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oahu: Scoping out Queen's Surf Beach

Before hitting one of the highlights of our LOST tour -- Kualoa Ranch -- let's take a quick tour of Queen's Surf Beach. It is the section of beach immediately in front of the Park Shore Hotel where @Lottery_Ticket, @Scoutpost, @kiwilostie and I stayed while in Oahu. Although formally part of Waikiki Beach, I found QSB to have a distinctly different vibe -- significantly less crowded and with more of a mix of tourists and locals.

QSB hosts Sunset On the Beach, an ongoing series of movies and television premiers which air on a 30-foot outdoor screen. @Lottery_Ticket watched the Season 6 premiere of LOST here back in 2010. The 2nd season premiere of Hawaii 5-0 screens in September. Unfortunately nothing played during our July 2011 stay.

The sand is soft and the ocean water warm. I provided our group a demonstration of my greatest talent -- the ability to sleep anywhere, anytime -- by falling asleep in the sand our first day there.

Along with the surfboarders there are many folks on bodyboards. A walk along the beach is complicated by the need to sidestep bodyboarders, usually young kids, who come flying up the shore.

In this area several narrow seawalls jut out into the ocean. The next two shots are taken near the end of a wall located little east of Queen's Surf Beach.

As I walked along the wall I noticed a group of black forms near its end which seemed to be moving. A closer examination identified them as crabs, including one I nicknamed Sebastian.
If the bikinis and six packs aren't enough, Diamond Head adds even more visual interest to a day spent at Queen's Surf Beach.
A little further east is the Kaimana Beach Hotel. It is very lovely to walk in and around this area, which also features the Honolulu Zoo, Kapiolani Park, and the Waikiki Aquarium.

Finally, here's the view of Queen's Surf Beach after a few drinks at Lulu's. (And there WILL be a post dedicated to your exploits there, @kiwilostie!)

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