Thursday, August 4, 2011

Geek Dream Vacation

I'm still a little overwhelmed. If I didn't have the photographic evidence I would think it was just a dream, a deliriously awesome geek fantasy.

This July I joined up with a group of over a dozen like-minded LOST fans in San Diego, California. We rented a pair of condos in Mission Beach. We had a huge LOST-themed party at the condos, then spent the next few days at Comic-Con and other geek-themed events in San Diego. After Comic-Con many of us traveled to Burbank for a tour of Walt Disney Studios. We then had a lovely dinner and spent a night in Venice Beach. Afterward four of us moved on to Oahu where we enjoyed a couple of LOST tours and a few additional days soaking in Hawaii's beautiful surroundings.

This trip had so many highlights for me. Meeting up in person with LOST friends whom I've only interacted with online was incredible. Seeing MegoScott's ingenious custom-built Swan station playset -- amazing. Participating in jopinionated's LOST trivia contest was a thrill. Attending Comic-Con for the first time -- exhilarating. Sitting in person at a Comic-Con panel featuring Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and new LOST footage was indescribably fantastic. Given LOST's finale over a year earlier, it is an experience that I thought I would never have. Going to the red carpet world premiere of Cowboys & Aliens. Being in the same room with Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, Jon Favreau, HARRISON FORD, Daniel Craig. My goodness, could it have been just a dream after all? I haven't even mentioned the super-cool LOST sets and landmarks we visited.

Over the next few days I'll post thoughts and pictures from the trip. This vacation places very high on my personal list of Greatest Hits.

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