Monday, August 29, 2011

LOST Tour: Building by Moli'i Fishpond

Our KOS Tour began with a quick drive off the Kualoa Ranch to the Moli'i Fishpond. A small building close to the shore hosted Mr. Eko and drug smugglers in The 23rd Psalm and served as Sayid's construction site in The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham.
Below photo courtesy @kiwilostie

Apparently the interior scenes for The 23rd Psalm were shot within, as were the scenes between Sun and Jin's father from the the season 1 episode In Translation.

The is the view from the other side of the building, an angle not used in the show. It gives a better look at the magnificent tree that is rooted nearby. It is featured prominently in the both Psalm and Bentham.
Below photo courtesy @kiwilostie

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